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Limassol Acoustic Festival

Cyprus Acoustic Festivals initiative started in 2014 when a group of young people who love music, creativeness and every form of art, decided to present local musicians and artists in a one day celebration of music. Cyprus Acoustic Festivals team’s vision is to establish an independent festival culture in all cities of Cyprus, which combines the love of music and arts with a friendly atmosphere in the beautiful island of Cyprus.

Their dream was to give the opportunity to Cypriot musicians to show their personal original work to the public, and the public to have the opportunity to enjoy different genres and variety of music in an acoustic form. The Limassol Acoustic Festival is taking place at the beginning of August since 2014, at the Municipal Market Square in Limassol, from early in the afternoon, until late at night, even after midnight, aiming to support any form of local art. 

People attending the events can enjoy a variety of acoustic music, photography exhibitions, handcraft exhibitions and arts performances. Through the festival the public has the opportunity to enjoy bands of different genres such as reggae, funk, indie, alternative, and many more. All these and many more are available free of entrance fees.

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