Lighthouse beach

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In the heart of the tourist area of Limassol, in Yermasoyia, you will find this small, quiet cove, which makes you feel like you are far away from the city. With clear blue waters, small bushes on the beach and a beautiful beach bar just a few steps from the sea, this place is perfect if you are with friends or family and looking to relax in a breezy environment.

The beach in front of Lighthouse Surf & Turf is a small discovery, if you are looking for calmness, along with dining amenities, if you enjoy the sand as much as lying on the rocks, over the water, and even if you could do both in a tasteful beach bar and under the seaside bushes on the beach. In any case, this small cove, in equal distance from both ends of the Limassol city, can satisfy many needs.

The rather shallow waters and the play area provided by the beach bar sure are extra reasons for families to visit this beach. Still, adults can enjoy this place just as much as children, especially during the morning hours, when the light makes the sea sparkle like in no other moment in the day.

If you enjoy the night views of the sea, the beach bar provides the reason and the way for a night visit, too.

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