Lady's Mile (Captain's Cabin)

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On the endless sandy beach that stretches across the eastern side of the Akrotiri Salt lake, there is an area which has for some time now been a pole of attraction for enthusiasts of the sea, entertainment as well as food. Offering games, modern facilities and amenities, Captain’s Cabin has turned this area into one of the most well-known spots in Lady’s Mile.

The crystal – clear waters that are shallow well past the coastline have made this beach a favorite among families. Upon the installation of inflatable water games, creating a unique and impressive waterpark in the sea, both adults and children found even more reasons to regularly visit this beach during the summer season.

Besides the waterpark, there is also a playground on the beach for those who prefer to play in the sand. The beach also offers watersport services. The restaurant and beach bar which operates the facilities of Captain's Cabin is an ideal place serving food and drinks from early in the morning until late at night, and particularly beloved by visitors for its fish and seafood dishes. 

Also, there are water sports services provided on this beach. The restaurant and the beach bar operating in the facilities of Captain’s Cabin is place that can serve food and drinks from early in the morning until late at night and it is known to its visitors for its dishes with fish and seafood.

The image of the beach changes throughout the day, ensuring that no one will ever get tired of seeing it.

Captain’s Cabin: 96 304050