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Lab Restaurant & Bar: The old hotel that became one of Limassol's favorite bars!

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It is a place that keeps a perfect balance between old and modern. Choosing one of the building used as a hotel back in the beginning of the 20th century, following the typical architecture of that era, it did manage to acquire one of its most iconic advantages: its own “secret garden”, in a patio full of greens and blooming flowers. 

Even though its entrance still keeps the same, classic style that is common in this part of the town, Lab Restaurant + Bar combines the architectural heritage of this 2-storey stone built construction, with modern, industrial design. Solid wood and black metal, the materials that consist the furnishing of the place, create a familiar atmosphere with relaxing vibes for any hour of the day.

So, regardless the time or the season, this venue is a great option for drinks and light meals. You can start your day in it, with the brunch and breakfast menu, to go on until late at night with meat, cheese and fruit platters, as well as delicious and imaginative salads, burgers and more, in a menu that is constantly refreshed.

Still, Lab Restaurant & Bar stands out mostly for its menu with great drinks and cocktails. Apart from a large collection of wines from Cyprus and abroad, the menu includes dozens of unique cocktails, especially designed for this menu, with amazing taste combinations.

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