Koilada Restaurant: One of the most well-known dining destinations in the Limassol mountains!

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Located within the cool setting of an evergreen stream in the village of Agros, this well-known dining destination has been in operation for many years in the Limassol mountains.  

Koilada Restaurant is located east of the village center, just a few meters from the historic church of Timios Prodromos. Its location is one of its biggest advantages, as the area’s enormous, ancient trees provide ample shade. Its terrace is therefore ideal for a refreshing meal in the summer.

Its menu features traditional, Cypriot cuisine, with the stuffed vine leaves and ‘pastichio’ stealing the show. The ‘souvla’ that cooks slowly on the large spit next to the terrace is also particularly enticing, filling the air with a mouth-watering aroma.

Contact number: 25 521303