Kohili Surf & Turf: A Limassol restaurant where dinner is served right above the water!

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This is one of the most unique locations for an idyllic dinner by the sea, as well as for small events and parties. It is a popular destination for those seeking a small wedding ceremony against the endless blue of the sea, and it offers an eclectic menu with both meat and seafood dishes (and more). 

Kohili Surf & Turf stands out both due to its location and the 5-star services it provides as one of the main restaurants of the GrandResort Hotel. It is a venue where good food is an experience best enjoyed through all the senses. The fresh fish and seafood, as well as the well-prepared meat dishes, and their imaginative combinations make for a pleasant surprise, satisfying even the most discerning of gourmands. 

The impressive view, the scents from the garden, the sound of the water from the sea as well as the nearby pool all come together for a sensory delight. As such, a visit to this restaurant that hovers above the water is more than just a dinner outing. Rather, it is an opportunity to create unique memories.

And even if a faraway journey is not part of your immediate plans, the modern, cozy setting of Kohili Surf & Turf and its idyllic atmosphere, is enough to send your senses on a little journey of their own.