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Adrenaline, a sense of freedom, panoramic views of some of Limassol’s most beautiful coasts, and a unique connection to the elements of nature, the air and the sea. These are some of the main advantages offered by the experience of kitesurfing on the western coasts of the Limassol countryside.

This watersport requires no specialized knowledge in order to partake in it, other than a familiarity with the sea and good swimming skills. More experienced kite surfers can guide beginners until they are familiar enough to guide their own flights over the water. After 6-7 attempts, one can expect to have fully mastered the skills and techniques required by kitesurfing. 

Summer is the ideal time of year to enjoy this sport, as the season’s strong southwesterly winds allow for perfect flights. The direction of the wind makes the beaches of Limassol particularly suitable, especially ones in the areas of Paramali (the westernmost bay and the longest), Avdimou, and even Lady’s Mile and Malindi. The sport requires a wide area, so that the kite and ropes can easily spread out before flight and after landing.

During takeoff, the kite lifts up and fills with air until it can give the surfer the necessary impetus required to cross the surface of the sea, balanced upon a small board. The surfer can go out as far as his strength allows him, for should the wind fall, he will need to drag the kite behind him to shore.

Purchasing the equipment requires approximately €1500 - €2000, with prices going higher depending on how professionally one wants to become involved. A more price friendly alternative is the rental of equipment.

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