JR Restaurant: A Limassol gem that is a feast for the eyes and stomach!

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The evergreen area of Trimiklini has always been a popular stop for those traveling to the Limassol countryside. It’s a stop that has become even more popular with foodies, thanks to an eclectic restaurant which serves not only delicious, traditional dishes, but also a view of one of the lushest valleys in the area.

J.R. Restaurant overlooks the valley formed in the bed of the Kouris River, one of the largest rivers in Cyprus. This valley is perhaps the region’s greatest blessing, especially for the Trimiklini community, which is famous for its rich production of fruit and vegetables. The unobstructed views offered by this welcoming family restaurant is accompanied by traditional delicacies, thus creating a feast for both the eyes and stomach.

With a beautiful courtyard, surrounded by greenery, a bright dining area that emits a homey warmth, and a balcony overlooking the breathtaking view of the evergreen valley, this is a space that is sure to entice you from the minute you set foot in it. And so, the Cypriot flavors of J.R. Restaurant will always have the ideal accompaniment, satisfying all the sense of those who visit the area.


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