Jedi Hostels

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Since 2018, a modern lodging chain from Russia has opened a modern accommodation project in the city. Its high-standard facilities are inspired by the popular in Asia capsule hotels.

The Jedi Hub Hostel is an alternative accommodation option, serving both backpackers seeking to explore as well as business travelers. Hostels have been flourishing in the city in recent years, and the Jedi Hub that were created to offer an upgraded experience, thanks to their unique design, simple lines, bold colors, impressive graffiti and modern facilities, including a kitchen, bathrooms and washing machines.

By selecting a location near the historical center of Limassol, it allows visitors to use their accommodation as base for touring not just Limassol, but the rest of Cyprus. The dormitories have capsule beds, which provide a sense of privacy to the guests. The hostel also offers the option of a single room, as well as communal areas for eating, relaxing, working, and exercising.

Address: 48 Thermopylon Street (historical center, near Jamouda)
Contact number: 97 859056