Ivy Lounge Bar: An impressive venue on the Limassol sea, for all hours of the day!

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A beloved entertainment spot on the Limassol coastal road marked a new beginning in the summer of 2021, reinventing itself as an all-day venue for food and drinks, with impressive décor and an idyllic view.

The Ivy Lounge Bar has created a green roof garden and a mirror-filled space that reflects the blue of the sea as well as the light from the dozens of light fixtures in its main seating area, creating an utterly unique atmosphere. This space welcomes visitors from morning to night, with an eclectic menu and drinks.

One can visit for brunch and lunch daily, enjoyed while gazing out at the blue. Evenings with signature cocktails are even more enchanting, while sunset dinners make for a special experience.

Address: Georgiou I, Moutagiaka
Contact number: 95 588333