Islands: The Limassol Restaurant set upon little 'islands' by the sea!

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Surrounded by water, on the edge of a beautiful garden and beneath tall palm trees, Islands is one of the more special arrivals of summer 2019. It is a restaurant with a menu specializing in fish and seafood, and its location and ambiance make it the ideal backdrop to enjoy such flavors.

Islands is located in the heart of the luxury Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, and offers a seating area spread across beautiful, wooden docks that are perched above the pool which surrounds the restaurant. Each islet is named after a different Mediterranean destination, which corresponds to the restaurant’s cuisine, taking visitors on a pleasant journey while they enjoy their meal.

The menu is updated regularly, as it is based on fresh fish, such as grouper from Kos or mullet from Rhodes.

A wide selection of carefully selected wines, suitable for perfectly accompanying each dish, complete this gastronomic experience of flavors and aromas from the sea.

Contact number: 25 862000