Iris Café-bar: A haven with the tranquility and relaxation of a village courtyard!

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At a distance of approximately 20 minutes from Limassol, in a quiet village with a wealth of lush vegetation and the sea just 5 minutes away, there is a beautiful space that is perfect for a cup of coffee, a drink, and casual meetings with friends, often accompanied by music.

Café-bar Iris is easy to locate as you pass through the main road of Pentakomo. The first thing you will notice is the large courtyard, filled with trees and flowering pots. The stone-paved ground, the traditional wooden chairs and the decorative elements that are reminiscent of local traditions all come together to form an idyllic picture that takes you back to the gardens of village homes in the old neighborhoods.

Within this courtyard, there is a spacious playground built to modern safety specifications, which makes the space even more welcoming for families with children. The café-bar also hosts regular live music evenings, with the same playful and relaxed atmosphere. Beyond coffee and drinks, the menu also offers snack options and grilled souvlaki and 'sheftalia', as well as shisha.

Contact number: 99 752171
Address: 4 Kyrenias and Antifoniti, Pentakomo