Ipio Suites (Vouni)

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The best way to become acquainted with the past, and with the history and the traditions of a place, is to experience them as part of our lives today. A place such as ‘Ipio’ creates the ideal environment for reminiscing about the past and discovering the traditional character of this picturesque wine village, by relaxing with modern facilities and slowing down your daily routine.

This is a complex of 6 beautiful suites for 2 persons each, located in the heart of Vouni village, in a restored manor that was originally built about 200 years ago. The suites have been decorated in a way that suits the traditional vibes of the village and the building, with modern furniture, inspiring an idyllic atmosphere that is ideal for romantic getaways. Wooden windows, charming balconies and spacious terraces allow guests to enjoy the amazing views of the village and breathe in the fresh air of the Limassol countryside.

The suites are great for relaxing and chilling out, with their modern furniture, king-size beds, and a sitting area with TV and Wi Fi access. The location of the house allows guests to easily walk through the little alleys in the village, where one can find cozy, traditional coffee shops and some of the most popular taverns in the Limassol countryside.

Contact number: 99 577140