Indeed, electric vehicles are Limassol's latest trend!

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A few years ago, charging the vehicle you use for your daily transportation on a regular plug on the wall, was considered sci-fi scenario. But electric vehicles are now a part of the daily routines in the city’s streets and their number keeps growing.

A typical case are the coffee shops that supply us with the necessary caffeine and bites daily. They do manage to bring their much needed coffee to fuel up your activities, whenever needed, but they never have use any fuels. A large chain of stores first introduced these vehicles for its transportation needs, bringing a large number of such vehicles in Limassol. Now they have 13 motorcycles in total, while other stores, like Coffee Island, Ipanema Estpresso Bar and The Hub Café.

Thus, dozens of motorbikes go up and down the city every day, in all kinds of directions, but they manage to decrease the amount of pollution in Limassol, thanks to the sensitivity of their owners. This benefit, tough, comes along with many others, since this option is also cheaper. In fact, these motorbikes will only charge for a few minutes, in order to perform all of their routes in the day, while they used to fill their tank with fuel that would cost around €8 per day. At the same time, the damages are much fewer and they are more easily fixed.

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