Kohili Surf & Turf: A restaurant in Limassol, where dinner is served right above the water!

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Recently refurbished, in order to provide for an experience as close as possible to the sea, Kohili Surf & Turf is one of the most unique dining experiences in the city. With a selective menu of seafood and more, it manages to stand out thanks to its location.

The restaurant, hosted in the GrandResort hotel, reassures that fine quality food is an experience that deserves to be lived through all of your senses. The freshly caught fish and seafood classic dishes, surprisingly pleasant, proving that simplicity can be most delightful, and fine meat dishes, following the same philosophy, will definitely cover the sense of taste. The impressive view, the scents of the garden, the sound of water in the sea and the pool, will cover the rest.

It is not just about going out for dinner, but an actual opportunity to create unique memories. And even if a faraway trip is not something you could schedule right now, this modern and cozy environment, with the idyllic atmosphere of Kohili Surf & Turf can take your senses to a trip far-far away.

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