Il Gusto Italiano: The magnificence of Italian cuisine enjoyed in a stately, neoclassical building in Limassol!

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A two-story, stately mansion in the historic Agiou Andreou Street in the center of town, has recently become home to a dining venue overflowing with Mediterranean flavors. Within a uniquely idyllic setting that is reminiscent of the past, the illustrious chefs of La Pasteria Il Gusto Italiano present a range of dishes based on Italian gastronomy.

Featuring authentic Italian ingredients and techniques, traditional recipes as well as imaginative variations, the menu of this restaurant has been a benchmark for Italian cuisine lovers in Limassol for years. Its location in the heart of the city, just a few steps from the seafront, aims to upgrade the experience the restaurant offers to both its existing fans, and to those who wish to discover it for the first time.

The dining area inside the renovated mansion is decorated in such a way as to highlight the unique characteristics of the architecture of the building, and it is furnished in earth tones and simple, modern lines. A covered courtyard welcomes guests to enjoy dining al fresco in an environment that is utterly seductive, both in the summer and the winter.

PNS Restaurants group has chosen this building for its headquarters, too, using the upper floor of the listed house for this purpose.

Address: 241 Agiou Andreou Street
Contact number: 25 952638