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Houses of Limassol built on the sea: Eleftheriades Residence

Today, the coastal front of the city at Akti Olympion area is ideal for relaxed walks. But on this pedestrian street, 30 years ago, there were houses built with walls on the road that were touching the water of the sea. A characteristic building, located above the sea, was Eleftheriades Residence. The particular building was literally next to the sea, opposite the well-known "Franks’ Church".

The house was originally built in 1870, with the end of the Turkish domination on the island, while a few years later it took its final form by the addition of 1 floor. The interior of the building was facing the southern courtyard toward the sea, while a tall wall was behind the house, protecting the building from the storms.

The building was well-known in the city, and so the name of Eleftheriades family was often sounded. The owner of the house, Marneros Eleftheriades, was a cosmopolitan captain, also known in the area.

Of course, the building was not the only residence built on the sea, since the walls of other houses were getting wet from the sea as well. Those houses were the one after the other, with the construction of Epihosi and the widening of the road. In 985 Eleftheriades Residence was demolished, being the last house built on the sea, leaving the area wide-open as we know it today.

Information: Tasos Andreou, "Limassol – Memory Flashback", 2009
Photos: Dimitris Theodorou, Tasos Andreou, Mimis Yiannakas

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