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Hotels in Limassol have covered 100% of their capacity for the carnival weekends!

Limassol Carnival counts more then 100 years of being a reason for people to visit the city, which has a significantly positive outcome for the local economy, in the middle of the winter season. The long weekend of the Green Monday has always been an excuse for mini vacation in Limassol, while the first weekend of the carnival has also become an excuse for a trip to the city.

The picture from the reservations booked at the city's hotels lately, has a clear message to send. Guests started making their reservation as soon as Christmas day was over and many hotels are now overbooked. Hotels located close to the city center are among the most popular ones. A typical example is Crowne Plaza Hotel Limassol, which is a mere 5-minute walk from Enaerios parking area, where the people participating in the Grnad Parade gather up. Alasia Hotel, located in the heart of the city, is also overbooked for the long weekend on 17-19 of February, while guest are also very interested for staying in Ajax Hotel. 

Even the hotels that are located east to the city cente, on the Limassol seafront, they attract guests during this season, who mostly come from other cities in Cyprus. Londa Hotel is full for both weekends, while other seaside hotels are also among people's options, from the smaller ones, like Kapetanios Odyssia, and the recently renovated Tsanotel, to the larger ones, like Royal Apollonia, Mediterranean, Amathus and Four Seasons hotel.

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