Hambis Printmaking Museum

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Hambis Printmaking Museum is the first of its kind in Cyprus and is located in the small village Platanisteia, Limassol.

In the Museum visitors will learn about the history of printmaking, the techniques and the materials, engraving presses, and works of many artists from many countries. It exposes more than 150 prints of all printmaking techniques, from the 16th century until today.

The museum hosts engravings from Japan, China, France, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, England, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Australia, United States, Peru, Mexico, Hungary, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Since 2008, the place has been converted into a big Printmaking Centre. Furthermore, in memory of the great Greek printmaker A.Tassos, teacher of Hambis, the museum/school offers printmaking lessons, free of charge.

Telephone: 25222772
Address: Plataniskia, 4605 Limassol 


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