Gin Fish: Seafood flavors in Limassol, on a balcony that feels like a boat in the sea!

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It feels like a boat floating in the open sea. Enjoying the view and the atmosphere of one of the most unique locations in the city, this restaurant, apart from its fine cuisine, provides the feeling of traveling in the blues, too.

With its menu renewed, including dishes with creative touches that bring out the flavors of favorite fish and seafood, Gin Fish made a notable come back for the summer of 2018. Presenting imaginative creations, based on modern, international cuisine, either for lunch or dinner just as special and delightful, the menu is complete with the addition of unique cocktails (which you will enjoy either in a glass, a wooden trunk or even a bag with ice).

Fresh oysters, towers with seafood variety and traditional touches inspired by the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine (such as eggplant dip and tarama, spinach risotto, marinated anchovies and more), as well as meat dishes make up for an amazing culinary experience that cannot but attract one’s attention. Still, if you are more impressed by the views and the atmosphere, going for drinks will also be perfect, for moments of wandering and gazing at the horizon, since this is exactly what they were designed for.

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