14 ethnic restaurants in Limassol, offer you delicious dishes from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and India!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

Tasting delights, vibrant colors and seductive aromas, spread out from the Middle East to Limassol, in a cultural cluster. Middle East cuisines in the city, serve daily demanding ethnic gourmets, vegetarians, as well as foreign visitors.

With Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese and Indian cuisines, 16 impressive restaurants and quality fast food, offer unique delicacies, with genuine ingredients and authentic flavors. Combined with the food, the ethnic atmosphere of the places will give to the visitor a complete experience from the Middle East culutre.

The restaurants presented below, will lead you to these special flavors and will please your appetite.

1. Syrian Arab Friendship Club / Syrian Restaurant

The specific restaurant enchants you from its entrance with its front, which is made by stone. This is where the vegans and the Syrian cuisine lovers find their paradise. In a comfortable, open area, guests can taste authentic Middle Eastern meze, at low prices.

Address: 3, Iliados, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 328 838

2. Sam’s Food

Counting more than 3 decades of operation, Sam's Food marinated chicken and beef doner, are wrapped in Lebanese pita with special spices. From the menu, you can choose the well-known lachmatzoun, falafel in pita, vegetables in pita, and various types of pastries, like spinach and   pie and the various types of pasta like spinach pie, meat pie, chicken pie, etc. It offers take away and delivery services. Delivery is offered from Monday to Friday, until 3 p.m.

Address: 232 Arch. Makariou III Avenue
Contact number: 25 378 887

3. Manoushe Lebanese Food & Bakery

With Manoushe in the city center, the cosmopolitan feeling of the area becomes even more vibrant. At the place you will find authentic Lebanese dishes and sweets with a special flavor, as well as delicious pastries with Manoushe dough in the special oven. Ideal for those who want fast, ethnic bites throughout the day. It has take away and delivery services.

Address: 89, Ellados Street
Contact number: 25 746 745

4. Byblos Restaurant

In the elegant and comfortable area of the restaurant, you will taste some of the most authentic Lebanese flavors, with hot falafel and grilled dishes, delicious healthy salads, and Lebanese meze. The restaurant completes the Middle East atmosphere, with shishas and the spectacular show of belly dancing. It is offered for take away.

Address: 1 – 3 Chrysi Demetriadi, Neapoli
Contact number: 25 952 560

5. Bash Man’oushe Arabic Cuisine

With great passion, Bash Man'oushe prepares authentic Lebanese snacks and food from Arabic cuisine, for morning, lunch and evening meals, or for social gatherings and parties. Kebab in Arabic pita, homemade Lebanese dough and pastries such as spinach pie, halloumi pie and lachmatzoun, are some of the specialties of Bash Man'oushe that you will love. Offers take away and delivery.

Address: Ayia Zoni 57
Contact number: 25 222 248


6. Cleopatra Lebanese & Cypriot Restaurant

The Cleopatra restaurant located in the city center for several years, offers authentic flavors from Lebanon and the Middle East. The secret of its success lies to its ingredients, as they being treated in the simple way to enhance their natural flavors. From salads to grilled meals and Lebanese specialties, all dishes are prepared at the same time with nothing to pre-cook. It offers take away service.

Address: 2 – 3, John F.Kennedy, Christiana Court
Contact number: 99 533 706

7. Cedars Lebanese Restaurant & International Cuisine

Cedars prepares delicious dishes from Lebanese and international cuisines, offering you a well-prepared meal every time, from morning till night. Your choices range from Lebanese mousaka, falafel, chicken shawarma to salmon or lamb and chicken, cooked with traditional Lebanese recipes. It is suitable for vegetarians and offers take away, catering and delivery services.

Address: 159 Leontiou A' Street
Contact number: 99 256 602

8. Beyrouty

As its name implies, Mr.Beyrouty, offers you daily delicious treats from Lebanon, with a wide variety of fast food. Here, you can find juicy burgers, doner, kebab, sandwiches and delicious falafels that will put your mouth in Oriental temptations. Offers take away services.

Address: 60, Vasileos Georgiou I, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 325 478

9. Samer’s Food

With more than 10 years of operation, Samer's Food became a popular venue for the Lebanese cuisine lovers. The wide variety of fast food, the quick service, the falafel, and the delicious meat wrapped in Lebanese pita or on the grill, are the ingredients that will excite you on this place. It offers take away service.

Address: 10, Christaki Kranou, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 320 777

10. Saffron

With 2 chefs straight from India and a special traditional tandoor oven, the Saffron ethnic restaurant, offers to its visitors choices from the Indian cuisine, cooked with traditional recipes and techniques. The menu includes colorful and aromatic dishes, ideal for vegetarians, as well as meat options, all served in satisfying portions.

Address: 64, Ampelonon Street, Pissouri village
Contact number: 96 778 084

11. Namaste India Restaurant

The chef of the restaurant straight from India, follows the philosophy of the Indian food, which is based on the following 6 flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy. The restaurant offers catering and take away services.

Address: 85, Franklin Rousvelt Street
Contact number: 97 733 228

12. India Gate

Take a journey to India, having as a passenger the ethnic restaurant India Gate. In a relaxing atmosphere, you will taste authentic Indian delights, while your senses will fill up with colorful traditional spices and aromas. Suitable for vegetarians, and with many choices for every taste. Offers take away and delivery services.

Address: 91, Arch. Makarios Avenue
Contact number: 25 256 195

13. Kalimera India

With a warm and friendly atmosphere, the restaurant located at the city center, is among the most popular places for Indian food. With many choices and special flavors, Kalimera India is ideal for those who want to have a good ethnic fast food, and also vegans. Offers take away and delivery services.

Address: 3, Vragadinou
Contact number: 97 784 452

14. Raj’s Tandoori

Spicy flavors, curry, soups and dishes from the Indian cuisine, make up the menu of Raj's Tandoori. A fine restaurant, suitable for vegetarians, with friendly service and authentic East flavors.

Address: 20, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 322 466