Apostle Lucas church (Kolossi)

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The most well-known church dedicated to the Apostle and Evangelist Lucas in Limassol, is located in the traditional center of Kolossi village, west of the Limassol city. According to an inscription on the western wall of the church, which was built on an older temple, it was inaugurated in 1882, but according to the Limassol Bishopric, there was a temple there since 1717 AC.

The temple standing there today follows the typical style developed during the ending of the Ottoman Rule and the beginning of the British colonial era. It is a church with a single room, covered with an arch with sharp top and crossed, small domes, which create triangle opening on the outside. The outer walls are built with stones and they are very thick (around 1,5 meter). The stone-built belfry, made with carved stones, beautifully decorated, on the south-eastern corner of the church, is up to 3 levels higher than the temple’s main building.

The 3 entrances of the church have traditional, wooden doors, with beautiful decorations, framed by carved stones. The 6 large windows, 2 on the southern wall, 2 on the northern and 1 on each end on the east and the west side, allow the light to enter all of the church’s areas.

Each year on October 17th and 18th, there is a large, traditional celebration taking place around the church of Apostle Lucas.