Does Microsoft choose Limassol, too, after all?

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You wake up, open the computer, gaze the opening image, which appears on Windows 10, for a few seconds and thus a typical day may begin, if you belong to that number of people who work on a computer or study.

But if the image that greets you is actually a familiar one, or even your own place, then the day begins with a much better attitude, while feeling proud and excited. These are the feeling inspired to young Daphne from Limassol, who came across a familiar image on her computer, the view of the Limassol dock from the seafront area of the city.

It looks like Microsoft really knows how to choose, then. And, after all, those people walking around with a camera in their hands, shooting the beauties of Limassol again and again, in different hours of the day, different seasons, with different colors, light and weather, do the right thing. Because you never know who might get inspired by these pictures and where can the reputation of the city travel.