Do you recognize the heavenly route on Limassol's mountains?

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“Heading to paradise, means that you definitely go through a heavenly route”. Yes, these are obviously the words of a man crazy in love with the place and its beauties. And the man in love may exaggerate freely, but, the image here speaks for itself.

The spring has made it even more enchanting, with no doubt, but this area is just as captivating at any season. Either embellished by the white of snow, or swamped in the vivid greens, Limassol’s mountains have their own, unique magic. Even when a cloud in the back is a messenger of rain, you know that afterwards the nature will only be cleaner, richer and brighter.

Maybe, the most alluring element of this image is knowing that the distance from the city is barely half an hour drive. Of course, the 26 km you need to get travel to get to Lofou village, may appear much fewer, since you really don’t want this trip to be over. Until, of course, you get to see the view from up there…

Header photo: Andreas Andreou