Discovering in Limassol the mini 'Atlantis' of Cyprus!

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The exploration of the land is not enough to discover the greatness of this city. At the place of seamen and traders, the sea is home to just as many wonderful secrets. In Limassol, therefore, the sea hides a mini "Atlantis."

This is the sunken harbor of the ancient Amathus. In front of the ancient market of the city, to the south, there was the outer harbor, the ruins of which today are visible under the sea. It was built in the late 4th century B.C. by Demetrios Poliorkitis (the Conqueror) for the defense of the city, in a period of conflict with the Ptolemies of Egypt, due to the assertion of power in Cyprus.

As found by the investigation, between the entrance of the archaeological site to the market and the current road, there was an inner port, in which the ships were towed to be protected from strong winds. The harbor's life was of short duration, since it was quickly immersed into the sand and, so, Limassol acquired its own mini 'Atlantis'.

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This sunken, ancient port, is now turning into a habitat for several species of marine flora and fauna, including sea turtles.

Header photo: Cyprus Aerial Photography

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