Discover the 'haunted' Berengaria through virtual reality!

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The imposing and mysterious Berengaria Hotel in Prodromos now offers a unique experience through an alternative, virtual tour. The abandoned hotel, built nearly a century ago in the heart of the Troodos forest, has, in recent decades, gained a reputation of being haunted. This has piqued the curiosity of many, but the derelict state of the hotel makes it unsafe for visitors.

Due to its impressive size, the grandeur of its construction using the characteristic stones of the area, and its architecture that makes it look like a crown atop a hill (all of which gave it the name 'Hotel of Kings'), many people want to see the building up close. And now, there is a way to explore the hotel inch by inch without taking any sort of risks.

The company Qbeetec has launched a virtual reality tour of both the interior and the exterior areas of the old hotel. 

Similar applications have also been created for the medieval castle in Kolossi and the seafront park in Limassol.