Dafne Restaurant: A different restaurant in Limassol featuring Cypriot cuisine!

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Traditional Cypriot dishes and Mediterranean flavors have found a new home in a unique restaurant in Limassol. Dafne is one of the spaces within Parklane, a Luxury Collection & Spa, and it borrows elements from its Mediterranean setting, combined with a contemporary design and luxury flourishes.

Visitors will discover a range of rich and interesting options for lunch as well as dinner. Dishes featuring classic, Cypriot delicacies, such as lamb ‘kleftiko’ and potatoes with tahini sauce, and salads made with fresh, local ingredients are just some of the tasty delights created in the the Dafni kitchen. Select wines, both local and imported, complete the gastronomic experience.

The architecture of the restaurant, featuring high arches, a fireplace and a vaulted ceiling within, and the large balcony with the wooden awning and a view of the gardens and the sea beyond are reminiscent of Cypriot tradition. This is complemented by the stone décor and the outdoor grill.

Contact number: 25 862000