Cyprus Medical Museum

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The Cyprus Medical Museum hosts a rich collection of old medical instruments, equipments and other objects as well as medical books. It houses 170 exhibits donated by 35 doctors and other organisations from all over Cyprus.

The exhibits come to life with lighted platforms and life-sized models portraying delivery, operating and examining rooms. Of special interest are equipments used for the first time in Cyprus such as an Electrocardiograph, hemodialysis machine e.t.c.

Short videos present the modern practise of medicine and surgeries as well as the progress of medical technology within the last century. It also includes a botanical garden with medicinal plants which were used for medical & healing reasons at the ancient years.

It also includes a big collection of DVDs with the work of all conferences and other events of the Medical Association since the 1980’s.  

In the backyard there is a botanical garden with 40 different medicinal plants that thrive in our region and are used since the ancient years for various medical purposes.

Doctors from all over Cyprus are the principle financial supporters of the museum.

Telephone: 25713933
Address: 1st Road no.4, Kato Polemidia, Limassol
instagram: @cymedicalmuseum

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