14 amazing beaches to visit in the Limassol countryside just outside the city!

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A mere few kilometers outside the city of Limassol, both east and west, one can find some fantastic places for summer holidays and excursions.

Bars and restaurants, away from the hubbub of the city, create the perfect setting for enchanting summer experiences, thus proving that entertainment with food, drinks and music amidst the endless blue of Limassol is not just a city privilege

These countryside beach bars, restaurants and taverns combine leisure facilities with the experience of an excursion, so the only thing left is to choose the ideal date for your own little escape to the countryside.

1. Akti Sofroniou (Governor's Beach)

Akti Sofroniou is located in Governor's Beach, in an idyllic location by the sea, with outdoor tabes and lawn chairs on the grass. The venue welcomes guests in a Mediterranean setting that surpasses expectations with delicious fish meze and à la carte dishes.

Address: Governor’s Beach

Contact number: 25 632 312
More information about Akti Sofroniou here.

2. Thalassa Beach Bar & Restaurant (Governor's Beach)

Part of a larger hospitality complex, Thalassa Beach Bar & Restaurant provides an idyllic location for hanging out by the sea, lounging on the beach, on the grass or under the shade of tents and trees, accompanied by chilled drinks. The menu, offering a variety of seafood and meat dishes as well as snacks with international as well as local flavors, is perfect for both lunch and dinner by the sea.

Address: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 99 620 237

3. Faros Restaurant (Governor's Beach)

Faros Restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes on one of the most beautiful beaches in Limassol. Just a few meters from the sea, with a big outdoor area featuring grassy gardens, t’s a great choice for an excursion for the whole family.

Address: 5, Griva Digeni, Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632 552

4. Kalymnos fish restraurant (Governor's Beach)

An impressive venue featuring white tents that blend perfectly with the area’s natural surroundings, Kalymnos Fish Restaurant is a favorite option for dining and drinks, throughout the day. Access to and from the beach is easy, via the stairs that lead to the coves east and west of the restaurant. 

Address: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 25 632 878

5. Palm Beach – Kalymnos (Governor's beach)

This particular location offers visitors an unforgettable experience due to its exotic atmosphere and magnificent views. Palm Beach Bar is nestled within high cliffs and palm trees, with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean, and offers chilled drinks and snacks to enjoy on the beach. The area is ideal both for swimming in the azure waters, as well as for exploring the nearby white rocks, while subtle, atmospheric music plays from the bar speakers.

Location: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 25 632 878

6. Panayiotis Governor's Beach (Ακτή Κυβερνήτη)

This is one of the most well-known taverns in the area, situated right above the white cliffs, with plenty of green all around to provide necessary shade during the hot days of the year. Visitors can reach the sandy cove located among the white rocks via steps leading down from the tavern. A day spent at this beach, combined with a tasty meal of fish, seafood and meze dishes make this venue a great option for a delightful, summer experience.

Address: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 99 645 252

7. Agios Georgios Alamanou Fish Tavern

The white rocks for which this area is famous are admired by both locals and tourists, who visit the Agios Georgios Alamanos restaurant to enjoy the both the magnificent view as well as its impeccable service. The restaurant, located a few meters from the sea, offers delicious seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, while a few meters further down there is the Shisha Lounge for a relaxing experience, complete with comfortable loungers on the grass and various shisha flavors to select from.

Location: Agios Georgios Alamanos
Contact number: 25 633 634

8. Alamanos Paradise (Agios Georgios Alamanou)

The uniqueness of this area lies in its diversity, since besides its menu with rich variety of fish meze and the Mediterranean cuisine, it has a pool, a bar with cool drinks and cocktails, and a magnificent view of the sea. Alamanos Paradise also organizes musical events with Djs and live performances with singers.

Location: Agios Georgios Alamanos
Contact number: 99 317 300

9. Sunshine Restaurant (Agios Ermogenis)

A favorite destination for those who wish to combine Mediterranean cuisine and Cypriot culture amid a special landscape. With the sea practically at your toes, visitors can feel the calming effect of the waves while enjoying their meal. Ideal for an early morning swim, followed by lunch or drinks. The restaurant is open daily, from morning to 11pm, except on Sundays when it closes at 7pm.

Location: Episkop
Contact number: 99 674 426

10. Chris Blue Beach (Agios Ermogenis)

The magnificent view of the sea as well as the area’s historical background, make the Agios Ermogenis area special and unique. Chris Blue Beach café and restaurant, located in the area, offers all the necessary services for a day at the beach, and is the ideal place for family holidays, or a beachfront destination for large groups. The venue is within walking distance of the sea, offering beach beds right on the shore, and has a spacious seating area both indoors and outdoors. The menu includes dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, including sea food, snacks, coffees, refreshing cocktails and juices, as well as delicious sweets.

Location: Episkopi
Contact number: 99 515 391

11. Kyrenia Beach Restaurant (Avdimou)

Kyrenia restaurant, set in an idyllic area in Avdimou, within a short distance from Zias Beach Club, offers a rich variety of seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. Its comfortable balcony allows visitors a full view of the beach beyond, while the beach beds and children’s playground make it a great venue for a relaxing and carefree summer holiday along the sea.

Location: Avdimou
Contact number: 99 679 451

12. Melanda Beach Restaurant (Avdimou)

A secluded location with a great view are two of the main highlights of the Melanda Beach Restaurant, located in Avdimou. The venue specializes in seafood and shellfish, and is well known for its squid and homemade baklava. Its menu is also complemented by a rich variety of Mediterranean cuisine, coffees and refreshing drinks. The beach in the area is uniquely beautiful, and is especially ideal for children as its waters are quite shallow.

Location: Avdimou
Contact number: 99 565 336

13. Captain’s Bay Restaurant (Pissouri)

Whether you wish to relax on the beach, or enjoy your food at the restaurant’s outdoor or indoor seating area, Captain's Bay Restaurant is ideal, offering magnificent views of Pissouri Bay. The venue is ideal for relaxation but also for families with children, as it also has a children's play area.

Location: Pissouri
Contact number: 25 221 158

14. Poseidon Beach Bar (Pissouri)

The Poseidon Beach Bar of Columbia Beach Resort appears like a summer oasis on the seashore, surrounded by high palm trees. Located in the beautiful bay of Pissouri, at an impressive, enchanting location, it offers both hot and cold snacks, refreshing drinks and delicious ice cream. The sunbeds provided by the hotel are only available for the hotel's residents.

Location: Pissouri
Contact number: 25 833 000

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