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Commercial Lanitis Arcade

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At the traditional shopping center in Limassol, a unique arcade, with distinct architecture and interestin image, became a center of attention towards the end of the 20th century.

With outlets at the historical Agiou Andreou Stree and Themidos Street, as well as to the commercial area of Anexartisias Street, Lanitis Arcade wasn not originally constructed to be a shopping center. At first, it was the center of operations for the businesses of N.P. Lanitis group in Limassol and this was its main use until around the end of the 1970s. A s the group kept growing, it had to leave the arcade, so a new era would rise for this place.

Lanitis Arcade, after the company was out, had to receive an overall transformation in order to serve a commercial purpose. The refurbishment in the entire area resulted to the image by which it is still known today, without many alterations. Following the refurbishment, several different shops were constructed in this place, which were sold to different owners by the company that originally owned it, which allowed for different shops to operate in it.

The cozy benches between the plant pots along the arcade are perfect for anyone who wants to have a rest while shopping, allowing anyone to gaze and admire the image of the artistic dome on the roof of the arcade.

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