Color House

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The Color House is one of the unique accommodation options offering a dreamlike stay inside the little paradise on earth that is Euphoria Art Land in Pyrgos, Limassol.  

Inspired by the culture of the people of South America, this little house is overflowing with color, making it a work of art in itself. The carved wooden doors, the mosaics that adorn the interior and exterior walls, the stained glass on the roof, the handmade furniture and the wonderful architecture are the embodiment of a fairy tale.

The Color House can accommodate up to 4 persons who will have access to the beautiful, exotic garden, where they can enjoy the mosaic-filled courtyard and talk strolls by the stream.

Euphoria Art Land also offers space for private events that can be combined with accommodation.

Address: 72 Vasilikon
Contact number: 97 743042