The 7 smallest villages in Limassol with less than 30 residents

Limassol’s villages are an excellent option for walks and short trips to the nature. The picturesque scenery and the simple people are some of the main characteristics of the communities in Limassol District. Of course, some of these are much more quiet than the rest, since their population is actually smaller than a school class.

The 7 villages with less than 30 residents, according to the updated state’s data in November 2015 are: Treis Elies (25), Palaiomylos (20), Akapnou (20), Klonari (18), Kouka (27), Kissousa (6), Vikla (1) and Gerovasa - Trozena (0). Slightly larger are 2 other villages, Kapelio with 34 residents and Potamiou with 36.

Treis Elies (25)

The number of residents in the village situated 1000 meters above sea level started to decrease when job opportunities became fewer, since the nearby mine closed down. Today, the residents are mostly elders, but lately a few young couples with little children, decided to stay there and become farmers.

Palaiomylos (20)

Around 2 km away from Prodromos, up on 1040 meters above sea level on Troodos mountains. The mountainous village had 20 residents, according to the official data, even though there are only 11 of them now days.

Akapnou (20)

Photo: Filippos Georgiades

A village with barely 20 residents is situated at the eastern areas of Limassol. The village, small indeed, has a rich history and plenty of interesting sights, from the Venetian era, religious monuments, natural beauties, legends and myths waiting to be explored.

Klonari (18)

The village is almost 27 km east of the Limassol city. The official data count 18 permanent residents over there.

Kouka (27)

With 27 permanent residents, it is a village where new houses are always being under construction, purposed to be holiday houses. Expats would visit often and new facilities are in progress, which shows that the village has not given up.

Kissousa (6)

Photo: Yiannis Makriyianni

A village to the western areas of the Limassol District. Just 3 of its houses are permanently resided by 6 people in total. Among them are some foreign people, who were captivated by the beauties of the area.

Vikla (1)

Yiannis Makriyianni

Vikla is considered to be a deserted village in Limassol. In 1946 there were 43 residents, in 1960 there were 22, in 1986 just 6, while the 1992 census found no residents in the village. In 2015 the official data mention 1 woman living there.

Gerovasa – Trozena...

...a deserted village 42 km away from Limassol. According to the 2011 census it had no residents. In 1960, the majority of its population were Turkish Cypriots.

Both Gerovasa – Trozena and Vikla are still administrated by local authorities who are delegated by the apropriate Ministry.