Cazzarolla: A surprise kitchen in the city center takes you on a journey to Greece!

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In Heroes’ Square, one of Limassol’s most central locations, there is a kitchen emitting delicious aromas that invites everyone in the heart of the city to come and enjoy beloved dishes. Cazzarolla serves food from the Greek and Cypriot cuisines, at all hours and for all moods.

In a high-ceilinged, restored building, the kind that brings a flavor of centuries past to the square, this kitchen is ideal for those seeking hearty traditional recipes (such as ‘stifado’ stew and moussakas), or delicious meats, such as generous portions of kontosouvli accompanied by tasty sides.

Those who wish to sample a greater variety of flavors can partake in the Cazzarolla meze, which includes selections of some of the most unique dishes of the Greek cuisine, such as imam baildi, saganaki, ‘giouvarlakia’ meatballs, and ‘politiko’ kebab. And for those who love surprises, the Greek meze offers a series of flavors that are frequently updated on the menu and are great not just for a nibble, but for an exciting gastronomic experience.

The restaurant also features special evenings with live music that is a perfect accompaniment to its flavor offering.

Address: Heroes' Square
Contact number: 25 745066