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Carnival bazaar: Sell your old costume and get another one for this year!

If you are a fan of the carnival, you might have filled an entire closet with costumes that you do not need. With some, you might even be emotionally bound, but with others, perhaps the time has come to say the final goodbye.

In order not to fill the garbage while trying to empty the closet (recycling, guys!) There are other ways to get rid of your old outfit. In RODI venue, where an impressive exhibition of this year's uniforms of the great parade on the Limassol Carnival takes place from 29/1 to 15/2, there will also be a bazaar for carnival costumes. Everyone can get their costumes, masks and other related accessories there, so that someone else can find among them their own outfit for this carnival.

The costumes, which have been used just a little bit and they are in very good condition, can thus regain their meaning and life, participating in this great celebration once more. At the same time, those involved in this bazaar, either supplying or purchasing carnival items, will help the voluntary organization and the Day Center "Prosvasi", where the organizers will donate the proceeds from this activity. What a great opportunity, therefore, to combine fun, usefulness and beneficial action all together.

Information: 25 252 577

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