Caprice Restaurant: Internationally awarded dishes and captivating views of the sea!

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From the sea views to the menu, and even the lighting in the dining room, this hotel radiates in the aroma and magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors will enjoy an elegant ambience which inspires harmony, while the seamlessly interconnected outdoor space offers an abundance of the beautiful azure hues of the Limassol coastline, with dazzling reflections of the sun upon the water’s surface.  

Caprice Restaurant has distinguished itself as a destination which allows visitors to enjoy original recipes inspired by the flavors and traditions of the Mediterranean cuisine, set within a unique atmosphere. The carefully thought out décor boasts a clean minimalism and a predominantly white color scheme, upon which the flavors and colors of the menu can shine. With its international award-winning dishes that offer delicious surprises, this restaurant within the Londa Hotel will turn your dinner date into a truly unforgettable experience.  

What really makes this a unique dining spot is the captivating view offered by the balcony area, an excellent option for dining al fresco on those warmer days or evenings. The hotel pool below is placed just so, giving the impression of a natural extension into the endless blue of the sea before it, and creating an image of dreamlike serenity into which visitors can blissfully drift off. Whether you choose to visit during the day, under the brightness of the Mediterranean sun, or in the evening as night falls and subtle lighting warms up the space, Caprice restaurant is sure to be a destination that rewards its visitors, tantalizing each and every one of their senses.

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