Caledonia Rotis: A tavern that lures you over to Platres even just for its dessert!

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It first started as a family tavern with homemade flavors and favorite dishes of the local cuisine and it still goes on the same way, even since 1975. Adopting the name of probably the most popular destination of the Limassol mountains, Caledonia waterfalls, it has become one of the top dining options in the countryside. 

"Caledonia Rotis" tavern is among the reasons that Platres became a favorite destination for trips on the mountains. After all, the central square of the village, which is a few steps away from the tavern, is a landmark for those exploring the Limassol countryside. Homemade dishes with mom's recipes, a perfectly cooked kleftiko, aromatic kefte, as well as fresh trout fish, are among the dishes that stand out.

What truly makes an impression, though, is the special dessert served after a meal at this tavern, a fresh apple cream, made with a family recipe, which leaves the best for the end. The light and soft cream with caramelized apples and cinnamon flavor, along with the warm atmosphere, the smiling people and the traditional delicacies make this tavern a tempting option, which makes you look for an excuse to visit Platres.

Address: 31, Olympou Street, Platres
Contact number: 25 421 019

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