Café Tropical: A unique restaurant in Limassol, with an exotic atmosphere!

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In Limassol, going out to eat can even feel like a trip to the Caribbean. Tropical surroundings featuring babbling fountains and wooden decks embellished with palm trees create an atmosphere that can easily trick your senses into thinking that you are cruising through the islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Café Tropical is not merely a space for dining, but also for exploration. After all, finding yourself in this enchanting landscape may make you feel like an explorer of lands unseen. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to forage for your dinner, of course, as meals are provided via a rich buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the quality and exquisite cuisine that befits the standards of the Four Seasons Hotel.

This relaxing setting, boasting an indoor as well as an outdoor area, is ideal for any number of occasions, from an exciting night out to a romantic date overlooking the Koi pond, or even some special leisure time with coffee and drinks. So forget tickets and passports, this is all one needs to embark on an exotic adventure in flavors, sights and sounds, just a stone’s throw from the cosmopolitan city center of Limassol. As an added convenience, an a la carte all day menu is also available, featuring vegetarian and children’s options.

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