Bobo Pops: A unique option for refreshing and healthy ice cream in Limassol!

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Bobo Pops is a one-of-a-kind project based in Limassol that offers an alternative approach to ice cream. The basic idea is a classic ice cream pop on a stick, but with ever-popular healthy flavors and ingredients.

Juicy fruits, nuts and delicious chocolates form the base of the wonderful flavors of this handmade ice cream featured on the unique menu. Most importantly, no sugar or dairy is used in the preparation of the ice cream, making it suitable for anyone who is fasting or who adheres to a special diet.

In addition to ice cream, the shop also makes sweet bites with delicious, vegan cream, fruity fillings and chocolate coatings. The menu is available for take away as well as delivery, with an online store in Nicosia and Limassol.

Address: 104B Griva Digeni
Contact number 99 726789
E-shop: Bobo Pops


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