Bee Hostel: An old building in Limassol, is reborn and has become a main attraction for visitors!

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On Eleftherias Street, just a few steps from the Medieval Castle of Limassol, an old, two-storey building is reborn as a compelling destination in the city.

Bee Hostel is a place that is in harmony with the fresh breeze that has been blowing in the area for the past few years, attracting young people, designers and creators with a passion for new things, in the heart of the historic center.

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For this reason, the old building was renovated with modern touches, highlighting its historical character, in order to accommodate those who visit for work or leisure.

The property features dormitories for both men and women, as well as welcoming communal areas with comfortable seating, computer desks, and rooftop coffee tables overlooking the old town.

Contact number: 95 733063