Bedroom Bar: A tropical paradise by the Limassol sea!

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One of the reasons to look forward summer in Limassol, is this beach bar, which has managed to leave its mark in the city’s nightlife. With a unique view to the blues and a beautiful swimming pool at its entrance, Bedroom Bar is a destination that offers unique glamour to summer nights. 

The summer of 2018 marks a turning point for the atmosphere in this amazing venue, creating an exotic feel for its guests. The setting of a tropical jungle, created by the color combinations and the wallpapers full of plants and animals of a tropical paradise, will take you to miles away from Limassol. The colors, vibrant yellow and blue on a white canvas, are the ultimate summer combo which emphasizes the style of this place.

With music hits from Deep House to mainstream selections of the international charts, the bar inspires you for evening with relaxing vibes and fun times, since every guest can either choose to have a drink at the cozy sofas, or stand at the central bar or even by the pool. Apart from quality drinks and tasty cocktails, one can also choose to embellish their experience in Bedroom Bar with a flavoured shisha. 

If you are looking for it on the road of the tourist area, it will be hard to miss the grand, yellow wall marking its entrance.

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