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Saturday, 20 July 2019

'Bacchae' by Euripides @ Curium

The internationally award-winning Izumi Ashizawa collaborates with Cypriot theatre company Belacqua Theatre and directs Euripides’ "Bacchae", combining the techniques of Japanese Noh theatre and ancient Greek drama.

In "Bacchae", Euripides recounts the advent of Dionysus to Thebes in order to impose his worship, the bacchanalian cult. King Pentheus refuses to accept it, and Dionysus gets his revenge. He infuses frenzy to the women of Thebes and Pentheus finds a horrid death by his own mother, Agave.

The intercultural production aims to create a new performance language, juxtaposing the worlds of East and West, Male and Female, Instinct and Reason, while presenting Dionysus as an “idea”, a concept rather than dialectic, provocative and elusive. Japanese-inspired acting techniques and aesthetics are utilized in an attempt to represent Dionysus and Bacchae, as the “Other”, through the collision of the native and the newcomer, the resident and the stranger.

With English subtitles.

€12 regular
€6 reduced (students, senior citizens, national guard, unemployed)
€45 Festival pass (per person for attending all five performances)
€10 group sales (over 10 persons per performance) at [email protected]
Free admission, upon reservation of free pass at tel. 7000 2414 (5 days prior), to:
▪ people with disabilities. Please show proof at ticket gate
▪ members of CCOITI. Please show the updated International ITI Member Card for 2019 at ticket gate

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