Avli tou Vasilea: Greek cuisine within an idyllic setting in the center of Limassol!

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The area around Agiou Andreou Street was, until the mid-20th century, the core of Limassol, where neoclassical buildings belonging to the city’s most renowned families stood side by side. In recent years, many of these residences have been transformed into dining venues, and one such example is Avli tou Vasilea (the King’s Court).

Its name alone sets up diners for a gastronomic experience fit for a king. This lovely tavern, which takes name from the beautiful courtyard of the restored, stone-built building which houses it, has based its menu on the delicacies of Greek cuisine. A large variety of eclectic meze dishes (from eggplant dip and zucchini balls to juicy meatballs and dessert) as well as a la carte dishes, offer a plethora of options to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Based on authentic, traditional recipes from Greek tradition that have gained a wide international following, the dishes at Avli tou Vasilea awaken the senses and conjure up memories. The potted plants which decorate the yard intensify this experience, as the aromas of mint, basil, oregano and rosemary all help to enhance diners’ culinary enjoyment.

Excellent Cypriot and Greek wines, as well as tsipouro, ouzo and zivania are available to ideally complement the Greek flavors of the menu.

Address: 239 Agiou Andrea Street
Contact number: 25 278000