Athinon Street – Graffiti Street

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In the historic centre of Limassol, Athinon Street is known to everyone as the “street with the graffiti”. 

It’s one of the neighborhoods that you can never get bored of and which someone should visit at least once a year. A simple picture could, one day, become an artistic document because the background of the area changes every year. 

The building walls of the street are painted white for few days and then they become a huge painting canvas for talented streets artists from both Cyprus and abroad. This happens during the annual spring Street Life Festival which begun in 2007 and gave the area a fresh, modern and colorful identity. All painting walls are predetermined and the street becomes an art gallery for 12 months. Each graffiti “covers” previous art from older festivals. Athinon Street is one of Limassol’s modern attractions.


swipe gallery

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