Artemis Traditional House

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In a village beloved by visitors for its cobblestone streets and well-maintained stone-built houses, there is a guest house that is reminiscent of a real folklore museum.

Artemis Traditional House in Lofou, in the mountainous region of Limassol, is one of the oldest homes of the village, which has been reconstructed in such a way as to take its visitors on a journey through the lives of village inhabitants 100 years ago. With its characteristic, paved courtyard, its large, wooden door, the outdoor wood-burning stove, and all the furniture and tools used by Cypriots in the previous century, a visit to the village is like a trip through time.

This unique holiday home has 2 bedrooms with double beds in one and single beds in the other. Everything from the décor of the space to the bed covers is a piece of Cyprus history. The old fireplace in the living room and the stone fountain on the balcony are 2 more elements which complete the identity of the space. Of course, even though every corner of the property pays an homage to the village past, modern amenities are not amiss, including a TV, WiFi, microwave oven, refrigerator and baths.

Mrs. Artemis offers guests towels and bedding at an additional cost.

Contact number: 96 570544