'Anoi' restaurant: A popular and beloved dining destination amid a green landscape!

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'Anoi' Restaurant has for many years been a popular destination for those who enjoy excursions to the Limassol mountains. The restaurant is located in Platres, where the rich greenery of the surrounding area creates a refreshing, relaxing environment.

As its name implies, the restaurant is located on the upper floor, or 'anogeio' of a building, and offers an uninterrupted view towards the evergreen trees that surround the river which crosses through the village. The dining area features a fireplace which warms up the space during the winter months, while the balcony is the spot of choice for visitors during the milder seasons. 

In a similar vein to the restaurant's cozy ambience, the menu also offers a touch of familial warmth, which 'Anoi' owners Antonis and Maria have tried to incorporate throughout. The recipes prepared by Maria in the kitchen (from the 'pastitsio' and moussaka in a clay dish, to the home-made traditional desserts) are thus reminiscent of a familiar Sunday meal at home. 


Address: Olympou Street (Platres)
Contact number: 25 422900