An impressive and playful cocktail in a bag is now in Limassol, waiting for you!

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It has been the latest craze in social media, it has been favorited by people around the world and now it becomes part of the tasty delights one can enjoy in Limassol. This special cocktail served in a plastic bag, apart from being yummy and refreshing, is also offered in one of the most captivating locations of the city.

So, going for a walk to the beachfront or the Old Port, you know that at Gin Fish you can ask for Tijuana Blaze, an utterly summer drink, both in reference to its flavor and its appearance, too. The bag is a good excuse for you to try something new and different, but its flavor is the real reason for you to stick with it.

Based on Casamigos tequila, the identity of the cocktail is sweet and spicy in the same time.  With mango juice, Franklin and Sons Sicilian lemonade, agave syrup and a hint of fresh chili, every little sip holds surprises and explosions for your palate. Next to the rich flavor of the authentic, Mexican tequila, this drink is what you need to feel the summer all-year round, especially with the view of the endless blues and the Limassol coast.

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