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At 'Anoyira' tavern, with favorite traditional dishes!

In one of the most picturesque villages in Limassol, where ancient history meets with tradition in the daily lives of the locals, a little, traditional tavern, with authentic Cypriot cuisine will be welcoming you. 'Anoyira' tavern is synonymous to the village and it sure is one of the reasons to pay a visit in the area. 

Delicious Cypriot meze, but also roast dishes with meat, fish and seafood make up for an amazing menu that can cover any preference. From fluffy meatballs and afelia, to koupepia, boiled goat, stifado beef and pork in wine, to shrimps and squid, all the dishes that mark the local cuisine are there. The kitchen also makes a seasonal option for pulses every day, with local scents and flavors. 

For the ending of your meal, you can pick a dessert among the trade mark of the village, anari (white cheese) with carob syrup, or freshly fried burekia, mahalepi with traditional sweets, halva and honey balls. The tavern is open every evening, Tuesday to Saturday, while there is a lunch buffet every Sunday. The venue can host events up to 100 people.

When you visit Anoyira, do not miss out on the opportunity to see the impressive monument of Timios Stavros church. And if the dark falls before you leave, the night sky view will be a most rewarding sight.

Address:1 Kourtellou, Street, Anoyira
Contact nukber: 99 795 468 

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