Lighthouse Bar: An actual lighthouse for idyllic evenings by the Limassol sea!

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Alluring panoramic view of the sea, creative cocktailsvwith the flavors of Cyprus, Greece and the Mediterranean. The glare of this lighthouse leads you to an utterly island experience, full of colors, scents and flavors.

The Lighthouse Bar & Lounge is a special corner for trippy and idyllic evening. The unique circular bar, built with whitewashed sea cobbles, the cozy sofas and seating area and the green of the trees next to the blues of the sea, create the perfect vibe for a totally enjoyable evening out, with the waves crashing right next to you.

With a rather interesting menu, inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean, with some interesting splashes of Cypriot and Greek flavors, the bar is ideal for pre- or post-dinner drinks, since the bar is located next to the Limanaki fish and seafood restaurant. Creative cocktails with zivania or mastic, and a range of drinks form ouzo to champagne are accompanied by treats to share, such as Mediterranean cheese platters and oyster platters, among many others.

This special bar at Amathus Beach Hotel, is open from May to October and one can visit it during 6:30 pm - 1:00 am hours.

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