Ambelos: A welcoming, picturesque little coffee shop in the Limassol mountains worth a visit!

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Village coffee shops are meeting places where coffee and its accompaniments go hand in hand with the day’s news, friendly jokes and relaxation. One such coffee shop, with a more modern approach, has recently opened its doors in Vasa Koilaniou, run by Savvas, a repatriated young man.

Ambelos has been operating since March of 2018 right next to the village church, in the cobblestone square where the old coffee shops of Vasa are located. This little coffee shop, set against the backdrop of a Limassol mountain village and surrounded by endless vineyards, features a menu that includes all the classic, traditional offerings and products that bear witness to the area’s tradition of viticulture.  

Besides well-made, traditional coffee and the homemade seasonal treats that accompany it, this colorful coffee shop also offers local wines and zivania, as well as handmade ‘palouze,’ which was given its due at this year’s ‘palouze’ festival in Vasa. One thing for certain is that this is a stop that will offer you a small piece of the serenity and beauty that the countryside is known for with each passing season.

Contact number: 99 348058