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27 amazing bars for unique nights out in Limassol

Maintaining a varied and intense character, nightlife in the city never stops, not even in the winter. The entertainment in Limassol stays present in your everyday life, offering great nights out at the bars.

For every taste and preference, 27 bars in the city, transform their venues for the winter season and invite you to share them. From early until late at night, the venues are constantly finding new ways to impress you, keeping the level of entertainment in the city at the highest levels.

In that way, the winter evenings get a feeling of a warm entertainment, and the bars use their places, to satisfy each visitor.

1. Marina Breeze

The Marina Breeze Lounge Bar is located on the eastern side of Limassol Marina and is a special destination for a daily night out. With 2 bars in the area, modern aesthetics and decoration, as well as theme nights of entertainment, it perfectly blend with a stunning ambiance. It stands out for its unique floating sense, the breathtaking view to the Marina and the outstanding parties “I Love Greek Sundays”, which have been loved especially.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 230

2. Rumours

With modern decoration, cozy exterior and interior space, as well as with a distinct cosmopolitan atmosphere, Rumours, manages to entertain you in every way. It is located in the heart of the touristic area, drawing its sense and vibrant pulse. In its venue you will enjoy music themed nights, but also different kinds of music with amazing Djs in decks, who rise rhythms from hip-hop and R&B melodies, to the greatest Greek hits.

Address: 89, Georgiou A, Germasogeia
Contact number: 99 457 541

3. Tokio

It is located on the first floor of the Tokio Restaurant Bar, in one of the city's main avenues. It features a seductive blend of contemporary luxury with Japanese style, unique cocktails, aperitifs and drinks, as well as a comfortable place for unique moments of fun. The vibrant musical rhythms and the outstanding atmosphere, make up the special sense of the venue, which, every time, excites its visitors.

Address: 80, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 321 313

4. Estilo

Estilo Bar will impress you with its aesthetics and modern look, as well as with the special atmosphere that characterizes the area of eastern Limassol. The venue, at the heart of Uptown Square, features a stunning cocktail menu and a big selection of wines and spirits. Offering high-quality shishas and wonderful music accompaniment by Djs, it gives you unique moments and great fun.

Address: 194, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 025 555

5. Epsilon

An impressive, modern place, distinguished for its blue balcony and its magnificent look, in Limassol Marina. At Epsilon Resto / Bar, you will enjoy a wide list of wines and cocktails, in a great cosmopolitan atmosphere, while you will have fun with great Djs, as well as with enchanting evenings with live music and exceptional artists. If you wish to accompany your drinks with food, the kitchen at Epsilon is one of the finest on the island.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 393

6. Frankie’s Social

The ambience of the venue is so special that excite you immediately.  With a stylish, cosmopolitan atmosphere, right in the city center, as well as with a distinctive decoration, the place, inspired by the music of Frank Sinatra, makes you feel like you are starring in a Hollywood movie. Frankie's guarantees fun with the most elegant way, and evenings with a wonderful taste of the fine wines, the signature cocktails and the refreshing drinks from the bar.

Address: 226, Makariou III Avenue
Contact number: 25 354 101

7. Algevra

Algevra is located on a stone built, old preserved building, with an impressive wood and metal decoration, in the historical city center. The menu includes a big wine cellar and Greek cuisine dishes, served daily until 24:00, while the musical evenings, mostly in Greek rhythms, perfectly complete the setting of the place.   

Address: Agiou Neofitou & Kitiou Kiprianou
Contact number: 25 828 282

8. Favela

Favela of the city has one of the wonderful and most distinctive spots, in which the nightlife entertainment turns into a different dimension. You will love this special place, for its artistic corners, the alternative music proposals, and also for its beautiful yard. One of the most relaxed and coziest bars of the city, which makes your every moment count.

Address: 21A, Ifigeneias Street
Contact number: 96 999 275

9. Blue Apple

One of the most popular bars in Saripolou Square that shares with its guest unforgettable moments of fun. It offers amazing cocktails and alcoholic beverages, in a warm and intimate atmosphere that embrace you instantly. The historicity of the city center, as well as the Municipal Market next to the bar, give the venue an exceptional feeling that doesn’t remain unnoticed at all.

Address: 72, Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 340 029

10. Lab

Lab offers a long list of wines, drinks and fine flavors, for every taste, in a beautiful setting, at the historical center of Limassol. The artistic touches, the elegant decoration and the musical options will pleasantly delight you, while the magnificent yard, located at the back side of the place, will bring up your most romantic mood.

Address: 33, Anexartisias Street
Contact number: 25 738 882

11. Gin Fish

Gin Fish is located in one of the elevated buildings of the Old Port, with a magnificent view to the sea and the city. The unique sense of the space, you have the opportunity to enjoy with the accompaniment of original cocktails, gin and tonic, wines and various other spirits. You can visit Gin Fish throughout the year, but for a better planning of your night out, make sure that you have first proceed with a reservation at the venue.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 354 200

12. Columbia Beach Bar

The venue of Columbia Beach Bar leaves you breathless, from the entrance to the last corner. Having a big expanse on the coastal road of the city, it faces the sea unobstructed, giving a stunning view. The stylish and luxurious decoration, the residents Djs, as well as the unique cocktails from the bar, make up an exquisite ambiance that satisfies you at every night out.

Address: 6, Promachon Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 25 321 500

13. Guest Mezebar

Warm and hospitable, Guest offers you relaxed nights of fun and beautiful moments for you and your company. You will find it in the historical city center, on a picturesque pedestrian street in the Zik - Zak region. You will enjoy the stunning feel of the area, as well as the drinks from the bar, while the fine artists hosted every week, will lift you up with great live music.

Address: 24, Zik-Zak Street
Contact number: 99 370 055

14. Toy Box

The star of this area is undoubtedly the big bear, who proudly enjoys great attention from the guests of the bar. The new arrival of Toy Box in Saripolou Square brings a different energy to the city center, combining the adult entertainment with the childish side that everyone holds inside. It organizes musical theme nights during the week and continues with the same intensity, to raise the rhythms on the weekends.

Address: Corner of Saripolou and Kanari Street
Contact number: 99 291 126

15. Mason

You will find Mason, at a traditional building, in the center of the historic Zik-Zak street. The bar will get to warm you with the fine decoration of stone and wood, while at the same time, it will relax you with the rich vegetation and the comfortable atmosphere in the backyard. It wins you not only with its place, but also with the exceptional local and international artists that is hosting on its decks.

Address: 10, Zik-Zak Street
Contact number: 99 878 920

16. Tepee Rock Bar

Since 1991, it is located in the heart of the touristic area, having an amazing atmosphere and retaining an authentic rock character. It features a unique style, with wooden decoration, rustic furniture and ethnic elements. You will be impressed by the indoor motorbikes, the billiards in the middle, and the rock choices of different eras, which musically accompany the bar’s atmosphere.

Address: 1, Ampelakion, Germasogeia
Contact number: 25 328 222

17. Madame

Cosmopolitan finesse, fine drinks and a warm sensation are the elements that you will found at Madame. The bar will accompany you on your winter evenings, with fine wine, great music, but above all, with a long list of signature cocktails, prepared with passion and excellent technique, by well-known bartenders. Comfortable and stylish, you will find it in the center of the city, in Heroes Square.

Address: 24, Andrea Drousioti Street

18. Cambana Booze & Cuisine

The warm and friendly atmosphere of Cambana, will accompany with the best way, your night out at the city center. With a lively mood, the resident Djs of the bar, take you on musical journeys with mainstream, international and Greek rhythms, while the acoustic lives by talented artists, offer to the visitors unique moments of fun.

Address: 59, Saripoulou Street
Contact number: 99 119 002

19. Kanella Grill & Bar

Lively rhythms and amazing fun, await you at Kanella. The bar is located on Saripolou Street, combining the special energy from the historical center. Promising to entertain you at every night out, it hosts amazing Djs, thematic nights, as well as wonderful live evenings, with exceptional singers.

Address: 67, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 284 284

20. Gypsy’s Western Saloon

The atmosphere of the Wild West dominates at the Gypsys, which while holding a distinct character, offers incredible entertainment, a rich variety of beers and splendid drinks. The decoration of cowboy hats and various western elements, make up the uniqueness of the bar, whereas the country music couldn’t be missed from the setting. It operates in Limassol since 1983, offering an alternative entertainment option that doesn’t disappoint you.

Address: 28th of October Street
Contact number: 99 609 410

21. Sousami

Sousami constitutes a small oasis in the lively area of the city center. In its comfortable place you will enjoy moments of relaxation, as well as special nights of fun. You will love it for the alternative approach that follows, its wonderful yard, but also for its beautiful corners.

Address: 8, Kitiou Kyprianou
Contact number: 99 588 343

22. Salut Bar & Grill

The bar is located in Saripolou Square, possessing a distinct cosmopolitan character with an elegant ambiance. Its beautiful yard, its bar, as well as its location on the pedestrian street of the Square, offer you a great place to enjoy your beer, your wine or your cocktail. The rhythms at the Salut rise up at nights, with the amazing music, as well as with the exceptional Djs that hosts, both from Cyprus and abroad.

Address: 71-73, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 97 692 091

23. The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the new addition to the entertainment of Saripolou Square, which offers beautiful evenings. It perfectly combines the modern and the retro aesthetics, drawing the vibrant pulse of the area, while offering fun moments with great music and live music nights.

Address: 56, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 766 823

24. Diamante Blu

The area is a place of absolute fun, since Diamante's lounge bar offers a stunning view and a unique feeling above the sea, combined with delicious drinks, cocktails and liqueurs. Amazing theme nights with Greek and Latin character are organized in the venue, while the rest of the evenings adopt music from Djs, or lounge melodies.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 377 378

25. Chaplin’s

A reference point for Limassol's historical center, Chaplin's, owns a special place to the city’s nightlife. From its exterior view, which resembles a showcase of a retro shop, it prepares you for the atmosphere that dominates in the venue. Colors in deep red, big, cozy armchairs, and stars of the foreign artistic scene of the past decades, decorate its interior, with Charlie Chaplin's figure being the most important one.

Address: 13, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 604 464

26. Poe

The figure of Edgar Allan Poe gives his mark all over the place, from his thumbnails, the posters to the wall, to his actual books that are in the venue. Beyond its decoration, Poe, has been particularly fond of for its delightful cocktails and the live shows, with talented artists and signers, often hosted in its place.

Address: 6, Nikolaou Ksiouta Street
Contact number: 96 265 737

27. Library

A place for the gin and good music lovers, Library, creates an atmospheric feeling, along with the beauty of the old city. On its menu you will find amazing cocktails, wines and plenty of gin and tonic options, to satisfy even the most demanding guests. At its warm place it hosts various musical events, from remarkable musicians in solo live shows, to Djs and jazz ensembles.

Address: 1, Themidos Street
Contact number: 25 361 362 

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