27 great bars for special nights out in Limassol

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Nightlife in Limassol is varied and intense, and most importantly, it never stops, not even when temperatures start to drop. Limassol continues to offer great nights out at a variety of bars, all through the winter.  

These 27 bars in the city, covering every taste and preference, have adjusted their spaces for the winter season, and invite you to join them from early in the evening until late at night, always finding new ways to win you over.

And so, there’s a different option to try on each cold evening of the winter season, accompanied by warmth, entertainment, good drinks and pleasant music, for all hours and all tastes.

1. Frankie’s Social

The unique ambience of this venue immediately draws you in. Offering a stylish, cosmopolitan atmosphere right in the city center, the distinctive décor of Frankie’s Social is inspired by the music and style of Frank Sinatra, making you feel as though you are starring in your very own old Hollywood film. Frankie's guarantees a fun night out in the most elegant way, with evenings accompanied by fine wine, signature cocktails and refreshing drinks from the bar.

Address: 226, Makariou III Avenue
Contact number: 25 354 101
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2. Bordello Bar

With décor featuring elements of velvet, stunning wallpaper, retro furniture, heavy curtains, antique frames on the wall and a unique collection of ceiling lamps, Bordello Bar replicates a hint of the atmosphere of the cabarets from 1920s Paris. Even before you enter, the bar ensures you’re in the right mood, thanks to the large windows framed with retro lights and a large, characteristic, striped tent to welcome the guests who wish to enjoy an afternoon drink or a fun night out in the city.

Address: 6 Archbishop Kiprianos
Contact number: 99 341341
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3. Algevra

Algevra is located within an old stone-built, preserved building in the historical city center and features impressive wood and metal decor elements. The menu includes a long list of wines from the big wine cellar as well as Greek cuisine dishes, served daily until 24:00. It also hosts musical evenings, featuring mainly Greek rhythms, which perfectly complete venue’s ambiance.   

Address: Agiou Neofitou & Kitiou Kiprianou
Contact number: 25 828 282
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4. Lab

Lab offers a long list of wines, drinks and delicious flavors for every taste within a beautiful setting in the historical center of Limassol. The artistic flourishes, elegant décor and musical entertainment will pleasantly delight you, while the magnificent garden, located in the back, will conjure up your most romantic mood.

Address: 33, Anexartisias Street
Contact number: 25 738 882
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5. Mason

You will find Mason in a traditional building, in the center of the historic Zik-Zak Street. Its fine décor of warm wood and stone elements creates a cozy atmosphere, while its back garden filled with rich greenery and comfortable vibe will certainly relax you. It will win you over not only with its interior, but also with the exceptional local and international artists that it hosts on its decks.

Address: 10, Zik-Zak Street
Contact number: 99 878 920

6. Guest Mezebar

Warm and hospitable, Guest offers you fun, relaxed nights and beautiful moments with you and your company. You will find it in the historical city center, on a picturesque pedestrian street, in the Zik - Zak area. You will enjoy impressive vibe of the venue, the drinks from the bar, as well as the fine artists hosted every week who will lift you up with great live music.

Address: 24, Zik-Zak Street
Contact number: 99 370 055
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7. Sto Dromo

A venue which was initially created in the style of a traditional coffee shop, in one of Limassol’s most picturesque alleys, has evolved into a spot for hanging out with friends, which hosts live music events, from jazz and Greek folk to rock. Cold beer, drinks and cocktails complement the pleasant experience of a visit at Sto Dromo.

Address: Genethliou Mitella Street
Contact number: 25 357777

8. Chaplin’s

A reference point for the historical center of Limassol, Chaplin's holds a special place in the heart of the city’s nightlife. Its exterior façade, which resembles the show window of an antique store, prepares you for the atmosphere that dominates the venue within. Its interior is decorated with hues of deep red, big, cozy armchairs, and Hollywood stars of decades past adorning the walls, with the figure of Charlie Chaplin's as the most prominent of all.

Address: 13, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 604 464

9. Blue Apple

One of the most popular bars in Saripolou Square, Blue Apple shares unforgettable moments of fun with its guests. It offers amazing cocktails and alcoholic beverages in a warm and intimate atmosphere that embraces you instantly. The history of the city center, as well as the Municipal Market located next to the bar, give the venue an sentimental aura that is sure to conjure up feelings of nostalgia.

Address: 72, Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 340 029
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10. Salut Bar & Grill

The bar is located in Saripolou Square and possesses a distinct cosmopolitan character with an elegant ambiance. Its beautiful garden, the bar, as well as its location on the pedestrian street of the Square, offer a great place to enjoy your beer, your wine or your cocktail. The rhythm gets turned up at night, thanks to excellent music by select DJs from both Cyprus and abroad.

Address: 71-73, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 97 692 091

11. Kanella Grill & Bar

Lively rhythms and great fun await you at Kanella. The bar is located on Saripolou Street, and draws from the special energy of the historical center. Promising lively entertainment for every night out, it hosts exceptional DJs, theme nights, and wonderful live evenings accompanied by excellent musical artists.

Address: 67, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 284 284

12. Toy Box

The star of this venue is undoubtedly the big teddy bear that proudly basks in the attention it receives from bar patrons. The recent arrival of Toy Box in Saripolou Square brings a different energy to the city center, appealing to the inner child in all of us. It organizes musical theme nights during the week and continues with the same intensity, raising the rhythms on the weekends.

Address: Corner of Saripolou and Kanari Street
Contact number: 99 291 126

13. Poe

The figure of writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe can be found in every corner of this venue, from the miniatures and the posters on the wall, to copies of his books on the shelves. Beyond its distinctive décor, Poe is particularly beloved for its delightful cocktails and live shows featuring talented artists and signers that are often hosted there.

Address: 6, Nikolaou Ksiouta Street
Contact number: 96 265 737

14. Library

A space for lovers of gin and good music, Library creates a unique atmosphere that is completely in tune with the beauty of the old town. On its menu you will find amazing cocktails, wines and plenty of gin and tonic selections, to satisfy even the most discerning guests. Within its warm indoor space, it hosts various musical events, from remarkable musicians doing solo live shows, to DJs and jazz ensembles.

Address: 1, Themidos Street
Contact number: 25 361 362 

15. Madame

Cosmopolitan finesse, fine drinks and a warm atmosphere are the winning elements you will find at Madame. The bar will enhance on your winter evenings with fine wine, great music, but above all, a long list of signature cocktails, prepared with passion and excellent technique by well-known bartenders. Comfortable and stylish, you will find it in the center of the city in Heroes Square.

Address: 24, Andrea Drousioti Street

16. Sousami

Sousami constitutes a small oasis in the lively area of the city center. Within this comfortable space, you will enjoy moments of relaxation, as well as special nights of fun. You will love it for its alternative approach to music, featuring everything from disco beats to techno, its wonderful garden, as well as its warm, cozy corners inside.

Address: 8, Kitiou Kyprianou
Contact number: 99 588343, 96 589805 

17. Tapper bar

This restored corner building, decorated in a way that combines the aesthetics of decades past with modern design trends, is an all-day spot, great for evening drinks, tasty and original cocktails and interesting tunes from the international music scene. On Friday and Saturday nights, the beat gets noticeably more intense. 

Address: 62, Eleftherias
Contact number: 96 017929

18. Marina Breeze

Marina Breeze Lounge Bar is located on the eastern side of Limassol Marina and is a special destination for daily nights out. Featuring 2 bars, modern aesthetics and décor, as well as regular theme nights, it creates a truly fantastic atmosphere. The space stands for the unique way it appears to ‘float’ above the water, its breathtaking views of the Marina and the outstanding “I Love Greek Sundays” parties, that have gathered a loyal following.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 230
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19. Epsilon

An impressive, modern space, distinguished by its blue balcony and its majestic façade, Epsilon Resto/Bar is located at the Limassol Marina. There, you will enjoy a long list of wines and cocktails within a cosmopolitan atmosphere, enjoying music from the fantastic DJs spinning the decks, as well as with enchanting evenings with live music by exceptional artists. If you wish to accompany your drinks with food, the kitchen at Epsilon is one of the finest on the island.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 393
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20. Diamante Blu

A venue that promises an ultimate night out, Diamante Blu boasts a lounge bar with stunning views and the unique feeling of being suspended above the sea, all combined with delicious drinks, cocktails and liqueurs. The venue often hosts fun Greek and Latin theme nights, while the rest of the evenings offer music from DJs, or relaxing lounge melodies.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 377 378
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21. Yacht Resto Bar

An elegant space with a touch of luxury, Yacht Resto Bar offers amazing views of the boats of the Limassol Marina, and is a special option for a night out in the city, with quality drinks and a large range of shisha flavors.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051205

22. Columbia Beach Bar

Upon entering the Columbia Beach Bar you are sure to be impressed with every well-thought out and impressive corner of the venue. Taking up a large expanse of the city’s coastal road, it offers unobstructed sea views. The stylish and luxurious décor, the beats by residents DJs, as well as the unique cocktails from the bar, make for an exquisite ambiance that is sure to satisfy on any night out.

Address: 6, Promachon Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 25 321 500
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23. Tokio

Located on the first floor of Tokio Restaurant Bar, on one of the city's main avenues, Tokio features a seductive blend of contemporary luxury with Japanese style, unique cocktails, aperitifs and drinks, as well as a comfortable space for unique moments of entertainment. The vibrant musical rhythms and the outstanding atmosphere are what make this venue extra special, exciting its patrons every time.

Address: 80, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 321 313
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24. Estilo

Estilo Bar is sure to impress you modern aesthetic, as well as the special atmosphere of the entire Uptown Square. Located in the heart of this cluster of restaurants and bars in the Eastern part of Limassol, it features a stunning cocktail menu and a large selection of wines and spirits. Offering high-quality shisha selections and DJs spinning the decks, it offers unique moments of great fun.

Address: 194, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 025 555
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25. Rumours

With its modern décor, cozy exterior and interior spaces, as well as a distinct cosmopolitan atmosphere, Rumours will entertain you in every way possible. It is located in the heart of the Limassol tourist strip, drawing from lively, vibrant pulse of that area. At Rumours you can enjoy musical theme nights, as well as a variety of different kinds of music by amazing DJs and MCs on the decks, who will get the party started with hip-hop and R&B beats, and the greatest Greek hits.

Address: 89, Georgiou A, Germasogeia
Contact number: 99 457 541
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26. Tepee Rock Bar

Since 1991, this authentic rock bar has been a constant presence in the heart of the Limassol tourist area, having retained its distinct atmosphere and genuine rock character. Its unique style includes with wooden décor, rustic furniture and ethnic elements. You are sure to be impressed by the indoor motorbikes, pool table, and rock tunes spanning all eras that perfectly complement the bar’s atmosphere.

Address: 1, Ampelakion, Germasogeia
Contact number: 25 328 222

27. Gypsy’s Western Saloon

A Wild West atmosphere dominates the interior of Gypsy’s, a bar which offers incredible entertainment, a variety of beers and drinks, all while upholding its very distinctive character. The décor of cowboy hats and Western elements adds to the ambience of the bar, and is perfectly complemented by the country music on the speakers. Having been around since 1983, Gypsy’s offers an alternative entertainment option that certainly won’t disappoint. 

Address: 28th of October Street
Contact number: 99 609 410

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